Repurposing the waste from consumerism into the rehabilitation of deforested, desolate, barren wastelands to enable birds & bees to reforest landscapes thru the seed deposit systems which support life on land. Restoring the garden of Eden by growing our way out of destabilisation with a seeding event of epic proportions for equilibrium sustenance that calls upon the natural world to settle carbon into surrounding ecosystems. Effortlessly providing accessible, organic, local food-forests with scaleable ecologic thruput for thousands of species to thrive, overcoming all issues, permanently via meadows and waterways.

Establish BOUNDARIES with the 180 challenge to elevate standards with components of asset multiplication. An open-source initiative for the essentials of life: AIR, WATER, GROUND, HEAT, LIGHT as a basic right for all. The cycles of oppression & forced dependency are irrelevant when excess goes into a continuum. Hunger & poverty are man-made disasters of incompetence which have no place in the 21st century of surplus, especially when forever materials can be aligned in a way that they amplify potential by opportunity to convert insecurity into certainty.