Multi layered functions within each corner wall. ensuring safety and thruput use.

Water born illness is a man made. Storing water without organism, cleaning purifying and double storing water.  


Water safe surfaces add dimensionality whilst also functioning as convenient storage hangars

Vertical Gardens, creating 5m2 of growing medium. Enabling crops to be raised off the ground to protect from pests and unwanted attention. Filtering pollutants from the air


Closet separators for built-in storage & shelving with retractable countertop.

Repurposed plastic, negates the use of limited natural resources in favour of eliminating landfill contaminated with plastic pollution. 


Multi use room separators with 2.5m2 canvas on each side. 180 degree hinge for triple space functionality with 2.5m2 canvas on each side.

non combustable fire resistant materials & composites preventing oxidisation to disrupt the factors of combustion, restricting flame propagation in the event of a runway , there is no runaway

Algae propagation for carbon sequestering and feed biomass of ecological Turning 12m2 of land into 50m2 of enclosed vertical growing of crops all year round. local, organic food security for a household. Quadrupling space and tripling output due to all season growing.