Algae propagation for carbon sequestering and feed biomass of ecological Turning 12m2 of land into 50m2 of enclosed vertical growing of crops all year round. local, organic food security for a household. Quadrupling space and tripling output due to all season growing.

Bee hive for pollination of garden oasis and support of crop abundance beyond the boundaries of a home.

Turning sewage into biogas production for self sustained energy / soil production.

Vertical Garden, FyToWall

Equilibrium greenspace. 

Turning dual surfaces into elevated pastures.

Yeast edible mass production for feeding hydroponics systems

A living water-but full of life, caching the stuff of life for birds which provides habitat for fish and tadpoles.

Phytowall vertical gardens for unlimited growing. Indoor / outdoor use.

Your own essentials to life, turn food scraps into organic feed for fish, birds. Keeping food out of refuse removes methane emissions.