Explore 48 Hour


Get more out of life, Explore without limitation & live in motion. Infinite Experiences await, trek further into the unknown with purpose. Traverse Empowered with a solution that is Lightweight, Foldable, Expandable, Modular, Portable, Waterproof, & Drop resistant ∞    

Venture without constraint on every adventure. Electrotechnology integrated with Material Science to charge your gear in  remote environments even in extreme weather. Human Centred Design at its best ensuring lasting usability. Keep yourself, your team & devices empowered with convenient energy built for the outdoors.

Sustained Energy Anywhere equips you for the upcoming Human Emergence: Experts on the move Empowered with charge, out of thin air, on the go, Everywhere. The future of everything starts now Accomplish more with clean convenient Energy.  Sunrise to Sunset even when cloudy, Sunshine is all you need, Daylight = Charge.




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