Mark Boda

Sustainability Engineer / CEO / Co-Founder

Dedicated to technological innovations that maintain our biosphere. A multi-cultural ambivert & globetrotter. Mark is a solution-ist who has lived in 7 counties, visiting over 24 during his decade long pilgrimage. Varied experiences providing expertise in physical & virtual projects across multiple industries on 3 continents.



Mark is an environmentalist paying great attention to detail with a keen interest in biomimicry. Focused & committed to natural practices that advance the human experience. His purpose is to engineer beyond the inefficiencies preventing us from unlocking our global capital of human potential.



Mark’s extensive knowledge across multiple disciplines enable proficient performance with deep-rooted-passion for efficiency. Leading him to merge socially conscious business operations with systematic thinking, which accelerates human centred design towards a state of emergence.



S O L O F Y  is a lean design technology social enterprise, enacting processes that aid environmental equilibrium.   S O L O    F  I  E D :  To be self-reliant, non-dependant, liberated from the constraints imposed by outdated assumptions. Surpass inefficient & otherwise unnecessary limitations in a modern world.  Asses freely / S O L O F Y your experience.