Devices Need Charge

Portable electronics outnumber people 10 to 1 & this ratio is only increasing due to the convergence of computing potential, affordability & several equally important factors that have made technology indispensable to our species. Yet, despite the energy efficient nature of mobile devices, their compact size limits the amount of energy available within each device, making them susceptible to running out of fuel on a regular basis.

While batteries have improved over the decades, much like the gear they power. They only store electricity, they do not create it. It is with this limitation that we exist in our modern, technologically enabled world. Constantly racing against the clock to make our devices last through our daily endeavours. Losing charge at some point in the day is one that billions of us face on a regular basis, often requiring external batteries & wall chargers to be carried around to meet our electricity needs.

There is an alternative but, running out of juice means disconnection from our digital enlightenment & is not a viable solution for most of us. While it is somewhat comical to freak out just because a gadget dies, it is understood that our devices serve as a lifeline, acting as our clocks, navigation systems, information / communication hubs & just about everything in-between. I too depend on my gear staying charged & have owned a power bank of some sort since 2009, back before airport security knew what it was.

Since then, our devices grew in screen size, got thinner & despite improvements in efficiency, the increased computational power requires even more energy. So much so that the aforementioned power bank can’t charge anything anymore due to its output being too low to be accepted by current devices. From a solutions perspective, very little has changed since 2013 when I first started thinking about how to solve this problem.

At the same time our energy needs continue to increase, the once acceptable fix of carrying batteries is less viable with each additional tech we become defendant on. Flashlights, Cameras, Phones, Tablets, Ultrabooks, Drones & Laptops vary in lifespan & charging requirements & there is no one solution for them all. Technological advancement is required to meet the needs of our current & future portable energy needs, especially since we are more dependent than ever before, with no end in sight.